Why I Support Noreen


"Noreen is a talented, caring, and extraordinarily hard working public servant. She will work to improve the quality of life for all those living in Sonoma County."

- California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones


"We need Noreen Evans for Supervisor - an experience leader who can stand up straight and tall for us"

- Windsor Vice Mayor Deborah Fudge


“Noreen Evans has an impressive track record supporting the environment and standing up to powerful development and resource extraction interests. This gives Conservation Action confidence that she will do the same as county supervisor"

- Sonoma County Conservation Action Board President Neal Fishman


"I endorse Noreen because she fights for working people!"

- Community Activist Alicia Sanchez


"Noreen Evans has the public service experience as well as a strong commitment to the folks in Sonoma County that make her our choice for 5th District Supervisor."

- Phyllis and Doug Onstad


"Noreen Evans will fight for a local economy that works for all of us. She did it in the state senate- she will do the same on the Board of Supervisors."

- SEIU Local 1021 Field Director Lisa Maldonado


"I am supporting Noreen Evans for 5th district supervisor because I believe she is the best candidate to ensure continued free access to county bus transit for our college students."

- Sonoma County Junior College District Trustee Jordan Burns (Representative for Area 7 - West County)


"Noreen fights for the average person and is always consistent with high integrity. You can trust her!"

- Shelly Tabor and Sandra Larkin


"Noreen has always stood up for her constituents. From advocating for fair social services, a clean environment or working families, she has always fought the good fight. I believe she will be the best Supervisor our district has ever seen, and we have had some great ones."

- Betsy Timm


"Noreen represented me well in the Senate and the Assembly for years. I want her representing me in the Fifth District!"

- Alice Chan


"We are excited to support Noreen Evans for Fifth District Supervisor because of her hard work to preserve our coast and her excellent track record!"

- Richard and Brenda Nichols


"I believe strongly in regional revitalization and building jobs and businesses that are ecologically-minded. I see Noreen Evans as an important ally who has long stood for our community's values. I support her without reservation." 

Sonoma Pomona Grange President and Sebastopol Grange Immediate Past President Jerry Allen


Yo apoyo a Noreen Evans for Supervisor porque ella lucho en Sacramento por muchos años para nuestra comunidad inmigrante y gente trabajadora. No hay que olvidar el gran esfuerzo que hizo ella ahora. Apoyemos a Noreen Evans!

- Jesus Guzman


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